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July News

July news is all about cosying up with some great Winter reads. From new fiction from New Zealand authors to some great titles for teens and young readers.

Highlights include

Apple Tea and Camel Pee

Linley JonesLinley Jones combines many settings and themes in her first collection of short stories, covering a wide range of human emotions and settings - From the joys of a NZ childhood-the stink of rotten eggs gathered for eeling; the fossicking for treasure in the flotsam and jetsam on the beach; the challenges of growing up; and the poignancy of being 'somewhere towards the end' and the gradual decline into old age and death- to the brashness and bold raw beauty of New World Australia contrasting with Old World Europe and the dizzying excitement and charm of Turkey.



The Bad Seed

Now combined into a major TV drama, these two connected novels by award-winning writer Charlotte Grimshaw take an unflinching look at politics and power, contemporary New Zealand society and the arid morality of the privileged. In The Night Book, doctor and party donor Simon Lampton is drawn to Roza Hallwright, though he can't quite put his finger on why. She leads a quiet, comfortable, orderly life with her politician husband David and her two stepchildren. 





July Newsletter Highlights